Chittagong to Sylhet Train Schedule with Ticket Price 2022

Are you searching for Chittagong to Sylhet journey by train time schedule? Though there is a highway route, people like to journey by train for avoiding traffic jams. With the help of BR (Bangladesh Railway), I organized the schedule of Chittagong to Sylhet train. You can go for a tour in Sylhet by train journey. I will make sure that you guys will enjoy it a lot.

Which trains will leave Chittagong for Sylhet?

Two intercity trains only leave Chittagong for Sylhet journey. Udayan Express is a local one and another is Jalalabad Express which is a mail train. These two trains have only which leave Chittagong for Sylhet. The train timetable list is given below.

Chittagong to Sylhet Train Schedule 2022

Tarin No.Train NameDeparture time (Ctg)Arrival Time (Sylhet)Off Day
13Jalalabad express19:3011:00No Off Day
719Paharika Express09:0017:50Monday
723Uddayan Express21:4506:20Saturday

Sylhet to Chittagong Train Schedule 2022

For the opposite route, the trains are the same but the time of the train is different. The departure time of the train is given in the following section.

  • Uddayan Express: From the Sylhet station it will depart at 21:20 but this train is off for Sunday.
  • Paharika Express:  At 10:15 the train leaves Sylhet and its substations are Srimangal, Kulaura, Akhaura, Laksham, Feni, Saiestaganj, Comilla. The train is off for Sunday also.
  • Jalalabad Express: Jalalabad leaves Sylhet at 22:50 but the happy news is the train has no off day.

Chittagong to Sylhet Train Ticket price

We have followed the Bangladesh Railway ticket price to make this list of Chittagong to Sylhet Train Ticket price.

  • Shulov – 175 BDT
  • Shuvon – 300 BDT
  • S. Chair – 345 BDT
  • Snigdha – 660 BDT
  • 1st Class Seat – 460 BDT
  • 1st Class (Barth) -700 BDT
  • AC (Seat) – 790 BDT
  • AC (Berth) – 1190 BDT

Well, these were the train which is left for Chittagong to Sylhet. We made the complete list of Chittagong to Sylhet ticket price and Schedule which is for this year.

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